Thursday, January 24, 2008

Walking in the Buff

I thought we'd start our entries off with a big bang and expose the greatest side of our little family!!!

Isn't it adorable?! At almost 11 months, Madalyn's favorite thing is to walk around with her walker. She could care less what we're trying to do with get her dressed...all she wants to do is walk. At least this is one age where a bare bum is always cute, no matter what!

First Freeman Post EVER!

The Freemans have decided we've kept our fantastic life experiences a secret for way too long and we no longer want to deprive all our family and friends of keeping in touch with us whenever they feel the need. Yes, we know, you can all thank us later. :) Okay, so mainly it's a way so we can show off our little girl to her grandparents, but hey, I'm sure Erik and I will have an exciting thing here and there that we can throw in as a special treat.