Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planting Flowers with Grandma

Madalyn "helped" Grandma plant some of her flowers, or just gently placed some dirt on them. Even the littlest help is help right?!

Madalyn really liked Grandma's tree and kept posing by it. I couldn't help but take the pictures. Amanda thought they looked exactly like people's senior pictures...let's hope that time doesn't come for a LONG time!

Memorial Day Weekend -- First Road Trip in the MINIVAN :)

Erik took Thursday and Friday off of work and we went to Colorado to visit the family. It was our first road trip in our, yes, van! I feel like I am now officially a MOM! As if two children didn't already make me one. :) It was great, we had more room than to know what to do with and the best part...we could go up those nasty hills on I-80 in the FAST lane! May sound stupid, but both our previous cars let's just say don't have the best power. Sometimes we felt like we could get out and walk up the hill faster. Not anymore man! I even caught Erik saying "I love this van"!

We always love going to visit family in Colorado. And although the weather wasn't as clear and warm as we may have liked, we managed to have a lot of fun anyway. We went to a couple movies, one of which Madalyn and Kambria even came for. We took them to Monsters vs Aliens in 3D. It was hilarious to see them both sitting there with those humango glasses on.

We spent one afternoon at the "Jumpin'" park. This was a blast, both Eliza and I decided we need a place like this in our basements. Madalyn and Kambria could have played here for days. Even us adults got some pretty good free entertainment out of it.

We took a trip to the farm with the kids. Their favorite part was feeding the goats. Those animals are PUSHY and disgusting to feed. They lick the food right out of your hands and leave the thickest, most disgusting film of slim on your hand. But the girls thought it was pretty cool. Let's just say it is a good thing we had hand sanitizer or I would have gone crazy.

Madalyn and Kambria had fun playing dress-up with eachother. Here's a couple of their choice outfits. :)

All three of them were watching the rain outside wishing they had an umbrella.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Layna's Baby Blessing

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to bless Layna. It turned out to be a great day. Our cousins Jared and Katie happened to bless their little boy that same morning so we had a full day of family, fun, and lots of FOOD! My whole family was able to make it minus Amanda, poor thing was too busy soaking up the sun in Mexico...lets just hope she doesn't bring home some nasty pig infestation...and all but Kristeen and DJ in Erik's family made it too. We just wish it hadn't rained so much that weekend. Kind of makes it harder to do things with little kids in that weather. We did make our presence at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point which was WAY cooler than I thought it would be. That garden is amazing there. As Erik and I are trying to figure out what to do with our landscaping right now we have now decided that we will visit that garden frequently and if by chance a few flowers or patches of grass happen to fall into our stroller on the way out we can't do much about it. :) If money wasn't an issue, I would definilty hire their landscaper to come and do our yard. It was absolutly beautiful.

Cousins! Berkley, Madalyn, and Kambria just hangin' out at Katie and Jared's blessing brunch. At least one of the girls knows how to smile. :)

Grandma with two of her three grandaughters. Madalyn had a lot of fun with Kambria this weekend...it made me excited for Layna and Madalyn to be able to play together like that one day.

The Fairbanks Fam!

The Freeman Fam!