Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yes, we are having another little girl. I tell you, all the schemes about boys make you sicker, girls make you sicker, twins make you even sicker is HOOPLA!!! They're all just scams. I was tons sicker this time than I was with Madalyn...and what do you know, they're both GIRLS!! My theory is it's different for every women, it's different for every baby, plain and simple! Anyway, we were kind of hoping for a boy, Erik in that he wanted his little football player, and me, well honestly I wanted to be sure that we had one of each this time since I was so sick at first being pregnant again sometime just didn't sound like much fun to me. Of course with time us women forget the horrible parts of pregnancy and I'm sure I'll gladly try again sometime. :) Even still, we're excited for a girl and the better part is she'll be born about the same time as Madalyn so I'm hoping she can wear most all of Madalyn's old clothes. A plus for sure!

Apparantly this is how she deciphered we were having a girl. Don't ask me! :)

This is her little foot stikcing out. Can you count all 5 toes?!

Everything looked great in the ultrasound, she's right on schedule and everything. It still amazes me how they can decipher what parts of the ultrasound are. I mean I can point out the main parts like the head, some feet or hands, but it amazes me how they're able to find the stomach, kidneys, things like that so easily. I just nod my head and say, "oh yea, looks good!" Erik wasn't able to make it to the ultrasound, :( and I wanted us to be able to find out together what we were having so I had the lady put a pair of socks, pink or blue, depending whether it was a boy or girl, in a box for us and we would open it up together. I tell you, it was pretty hard not to peek in that box all afternoon waiting for Erik to come home. I'm proud to say that I didn't though.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

Our Halloween festivities started at our Ward Halloween party last weekend. The best part was trunk-or-treating even though Madalyn had no clue what was going on. The first couple trunks we went to she kept looking at me like "What the heck are we doing Mom, stealing candy from people's cars? This is crazy!" After awhile she could have cared less how we were getting it, all she cared about was the candy. I think we're going to have ourselves a little girl with a HUGE sweet tooth. I had to hide all the candy so she would stop asking for it. Thankfully her Aunt Amanda came over and ate ALL of it! Freshman. They are such mooches. :)

For Family night last Monday we had Scott, Jacqueline and Amanda over to carve pumpkins. I'd say between all of our pumpkins, it was quite a toss up who's was the best.

Madalyn had a blast cleaning out the pumpkins. She thought the stringy stuff in the middle was pretty cool.

On the other hand, Amanda...well let's just say, I think this was her first time carving a pumpkin. She really needs to get out more. :)

Then of course we had to go trick-or-treating with Madalyn. The best part about kids is that you get to start doing little kids things all over again! It's GREAT! However, trick-or-treating isn't quite what it used to be when I was a kid. I remember leaving at 5 or 6 and not stopping till 10 or 11. Now people who go past 8 are looked at funny. Madalyn knew what she was doing this time and loved it. There was one house that the guy who answered it was wearing a mask and scared all the kids. Madalyn just started screaming. It was really pretty funny. Madalyn dressed up as Cinderella this year. "Lella" to her. She loved the dress. She would just stand in front of the mirror and stare at herself. She's definitly a girl! Sorry Daddy. :)

We went trick-or-treating with Carter and Berkley. Carter was T-rex and Berkley was a fairy. All three of them were so cute. However, it was pretty hard to get a good picture of all of them. Whoever thought little children would stand still when they know candy is within reach is crazy.
Sorry the pictures aren't the best quality. Until we get a new camera we're using our video camera, and obviously it doesn't take the best still shots.


I know, I know! It's been awhile! I could think of a million excuses as to why I have failed keeping up to date with my blogging, such as our camera broke in California- and what is a blog without pictures?...or that I've been too busy working and taking care of a little stinker to think about blogging...but that's what those all are...EXCUSES! The real reason is that all my extra time has either been spent sleeping or staring at the bottom of the toilet! Sound like fun? NO! Yes, the rumor is true. We are expecting our second child. And I can officially tell you that I am excited. For those who have known since the beginning, that's huge for me. This pregnancy was nonetheless, an "accident". As Erik says, He tripped, fell over, and wha-la, his wife is pregnant. :) I was really sick at the beginning and so with not being mentally prepared to be pregnant, not exactly wanting to throw-up 2 or 3 times a day, and self-ish maybe, but not looking forward to the instant weight gain...I was having a hard time being excited about having another child. But now that I'm about 18 weeks and feeling much better, I'm very excited. I have this feeling that 9 months is going to be WAY too long though, I'm already getting uncomfortable. YUCK!

This is the first ultrasound of our little baby. It was taken at about 13 weeks. It's still amazing to me how soon they look like little babies. That little stinker's no bigger than a peanut there, yet you can tell exactly what it is. Simply a work of art! We find out in a couple of weeks what we're having. To be honest, I think we're both hoping for a boy, just so we know we have one of each..but we'll love it no matter what.

Two of my sister-in-laws on Erik's side both pregnant also, so that will be really fun to have three little cousins all the same age. Kristeen is due about three weeks before me in March, and then Gretchen is due in June. I'm sure all the guys are going to get so sick of us when we're all together cause all we talk about is pregnant junk. Sorry!