Friday, April 23, 2010

Sister...such a LOVE/HATE relationship!

Although right now we feel the "hate" moments are more often than the "love" ones, we're hoping one day it will be the other way around. If we could only get our 3 year old to share better, we could very well be on our way!
Deep down out girls really love eachother, and here are a few moments to prove it.

This is one of their favorite games.

"Peekabo, I found you!"

Don't ask, we didn't. :)

Cute PJs from Grandma. Either Madalyn is trying to help Layna dance, or help bring her to the floor. Hopefully the first.

What would I have done if Layna was a boy? These cute matching outfits wouldn't have been so cute then.

Our baby turns 1!

On March 28th Layna Sage turned 1...I know, it was awhile ago. After the fiasco of Madalyn's party we were nervous to do anything, but you have to do something for their first!
Layna's favorite gift was her wagon..along with everyone else! Too bad they don't make those things bigger. :)

Layna and her cousin Samuel. And yes, Samuel is 2 months younger than Layna, he is a BIG boy! At least it's not the girl bigger than the boy I guess huh?

Layna thinking about whether it is ok to eat this cupcake. It didn't take her long though to decide it was.
"Do I dare?"

"This stuff is good"

"Ok, who has more?!"

At 1 Layna is cuter than ever, minus the really awkard my hair isn't growing even stage. Having been walking for months now, she now runs everywhere and won't sit still. She has more energy than all three of us. She now sleeps GREAT! No joke, about the night of her 1st she started sleeping all through the night. :) Something about my children...they just won't do it until they are one. Layna loves playing with Madalyn's babies and pushing anything in the little stroller. It's so cute, she takes it all around the house. Layna knows two things very well right not, signs for "eat" and "more" and pretty much wants both of those ALL day. At least she has an appetite right! We are so glad Layna is in our family, she adds so much to it. Happy Birthday little girl!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Madalyn Turns 3!

Although it was months's never too late to make a late-entry right?! Madalyn turned 3 in February. Her birthday, well like all birthdays we throw here turned out BAD! The party itself, not so bad...the couple days/week after..HORRIBLE! Layna had gotten sick the night before her party, but didn't think it would be much of anything contagious, well by Sunday night/Monday morning maybe 3/4th of people there were sick throwing up and yucky diarrhea! WHooeeeeh! We passed it around everyone in our house for about a week, never in my life have I done so much laundry and been grossed out so many times. I don't think we had truely experienced parenthood until that whole experience. :)
Anyway, Madalyn had a lot of fun and we are glad the pinata was a little better hit this year than last!

I had a lot of fun making Madalyn's cake. Can you tell her birthday is near Valentines? :)

Madalyn loved her vanity from Grandma Freeman...I'm afraid she is very much a girlie girl.

This was us three sister-in-laws last year at Madalyn's birthday. Gotta love pregnancy!

And this was the three of us this year at Madalyn's birthday. Smaller bellies...bigger babies!!!