Sunday, April 26, 2009

They grow up TOO fast!

I can't believe Layna is already 4 weeks old. It goes by fast! I think it goes by even faster when I know that I have to go back to work in a couple weeks. BLAH!
Here's a few pics of Layna and Madalyn...

"A BABY! She's so cuuute!" This is what Madalyn says everytime she sees Layna.

This is typical of Layna, she's ALWAYS wanting to eat. And if it's not milk, it's something else.


Madalyn is ready to take her baby for a ride.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

32! I can't believe I am married to a 32 year-old man! I still think of my parents being that age. :) Life goes by way too fast. We celebrated Erik's birthday last monday. It was pretty low-key. Just our little family. Erik spent most of the day fixing his car. Let me tell you, it's not fun when you're down to only one car and that one won't start. AAH! Thankfully it was only a bad battery. We then got some Cafe Rio, Erik's Fav, and took it to the park to eat. Layna screamed the whole time, and Madalyn, being a great older sister, felt it necessary to make Layna feel better by screaming louder than her. Whatever?! I'm grateful Erik is very easy to please. :)

Of course Madalyn had to blow the candles out, not Erik.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Madalyn had a lot of fun this year finding her easter eggs. She would find one and then walk around saying "Where is an egg? Ummm" and she'd put her pointer finger up to her face like she was thinking real hard where the eggs were hidden. It was real cute. Dad didn't want Madalyn to have all her candy at once, so he would take the candy and hide it right after she opened her egg. I think this will be the only easter that she will "willingly" give up her candy. Maybe next year we'll just put something different in the eggs so we won't have to fight her for it. :)

Madalyn loved her Easter Dress the most I think. She sure is a girl! Sorry Daddy. :)

The wonderful egg dying tradition. We tried a little "advanced" egg dying kit with glitter...and basically we should have just stuck with the basic colors. It didn't work all that great. Madalyn thought they were "very pretty" though.