Saturday, August 23, 2008


My family and us (minus Bryan and Eliza, they were busy having a child!) all took a trip to San Diego the other week. We stayed in a Beach House in La Jolla area. It was so much fun. We definitley didn't want to leave. The house we stayed in was just a couple blocks away from the beach and it had just enough room for all of us.

Boogy boarding was the favorite on the beach. Even Madalyn got some in! Erik liked body boarding better. Apparantly he's too good for the boards. :)

My poor dad. He tried so hard to catch those waves. :) The good thing is, he didn't end up a failure! We'll say he caught at least one good one! :) Just kidding Dad.
Basically we did the beach thing all day everyday!!! What could be better?! Then at night we'd walk around the shops and stuff.

One of my favorite days was when Grandma and Grandpa took Madalyn to the zoo and Erik and I were able to hang out at the beach by ourselves. Scott, Jacqueline, and Amanda all went to Sea World that day. I loved just hanging out on the beach without having to worry about Madalyn wondering off or anything.
It took Madalyn a couple days to get used to the beach. The first beach we went to had some pretty big waves and I think they scared her a little, and then there was seaweed all over the beach which she would try and walk all around it. It was pretty funny. Towards the end of the week she was walking out to the water by herself and being able to play in the waves with mommy and daddy and enjoy them.

She really liked playing with the sand though. The one good thing about her being a little more causoius at the beach then at the regular pool is she wouldn't go running off by herself. Pretty much she would stay by us and the towels the whole time. Lucky us!

We all got really fried the first day on the beach...apparantly we didn't take into account that being in the sun the WHOLE day would burn us? Who knows! So the next day we took a little more precaution. Hence the turban on Erik's head.

One afternoon we all took a kawayking trip down by La Jolla shores. That was pretty neat. We got to Kawayk along the shore there and go through some caves up against it. We saw quite a bit of animals that trip also. I did however get a little sea sick on the kawayk. What a woose I know. Overall it was a very fun trip and Erik and I are wanting to turn it into a yearly adventure. :)