Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter

Erik had Spring Break over Easter weekend so we went to Fort Collins and spent the weekend with my family. Bryan and Eliza were also able to come up from Denver and spend a few days with us. It was a lot of fun, as time spent with the family always is! Lots of eating, many games, and much needed relaxation. Madalyn and Kambria had a lot of fun together. They're at the learning to share stage which makes things interesting. At first Madalyn would just let Kambria take toys away from her, but after awhile Madalyn started showing some attitude back. They're sure cute together though. We had an easter egg hunt for the both of them and it's a good thing Daddy was helping Madalyn or else I think Kambria would have found the whole bunch of them. She's a pretty fast little girl!

We thought it would be fun to give them both a bath. If you notice the hair...the bath was much needed too.

Erik and I had fun decorating the "Bunny Hutch". We'd never seen gingerbread houses for easter before. I decorated the hutch part and Erik took advantage of his skills and tiled the floor around the hutch. Very impressive we know!

Grandma got Madalyn a beautiful easter dress for Sunday. We could have goten a better picture of her in it, but Madalyn was ready for a nap the minute we got back from church. She's a lot like her Mom. :) I'd say she's adorable in anything though, but I do have some bias.

Overall we had a great time in Fort Collins with Grandma and Grandpa and look forward to the next get together. We also learned some exciting news over Easter, Bryan and Eliza are expecting another baby...and it's a boy! The first grandson. Will Grandma know what to do with a boy? :) They're sure going to have their hands full, well if this new one is anything close to the energy level of Kambria. We're very excited for them!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We Miss Grandma!

Grandma Fairbanks left this past Monday and it's a good thing we're all going to visit them over Easter weekend because we miss her and everyone else already. It was very nice having some company during the days. I think Madalyn enjoyed seing another face other than Mommy and Daddy once in awhile too.

Warm Weather!

We're finally getting some warm weather here and we can't wait until it's actually summer. Usually I don't get sick of the winter, but this one has been different. Not only have we had a real winter, with snow after snow, but a little baby makes it even harder to go outside and do things during the winter. We had a pretty nice day last week here so Grandma and I took Madalyn to the park for the first time since last summer. Crazy, but the little girl doesn't like the swings anymore, maybe she just needs to get used to them again. But the slides she likes; however, she gets more of a kick out of trying to climb up them then go down them. Basically, I'm ready for the days that you sweat just standing outside.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Showing Off the Teeth

Madalyn is so proud of her new additions to her mouth. She's figuring out that they make eating food easier and so she tries and chews things with just her front teeth. Someday she have a whole set.

Fun With Fairbanks Family

Grandma and Grandpa Fairbanks and Amanda were able to come visit this last weekend. Mainly to see Madalyn, but that's okay, she is the cutest out of all of us. :) Grandpa and Amanda only got to stay until Sunday (we wish they could have stayed longer) but Grandma got to stay the whole extra week with us. It has been so much fun. Madalyn and Grandma love playing with eachother and I LOVE having some extra hands around during the day. It really does make a difference. The only problem is Madalyn and I don't have as big a tolerance for shopping as Grandma would like us too.

We all went out to dinner at The Mayan and had a great time. It's a restaurant kind of like Casa Bonita (for all those Coloradoans)with the cliff divers and what not, but the food is ten times better here than at Casa Bonita. Madalyn loved playing with all the decorations in the lobby of the restaurant. The whole restaurant is designed as if you're in the jungle with tons of trees.

Starting her early

Madalyn loves playing with Mom and Dad's cell phones, so thanks to her Aunt and Uncle, she now has one of her own. The good thing is she can play with it without us worrying about who she's calling and it doesn't cost a thing!