Monday, February 25, 2008

The Birthday Cake

Erik and I had a lot of fun making Madalyn's birthday cake. We gave her one of the cupcakes to eat on her own. She wanted one so bad she wouldn't even wait for everyone to sing to her and didn't want anything to do with blowing the candle out. Once we gave her the cupcake she was happy and put the entire thing straight into her mouth. I guess she enjoyed it. Madalyn was also kind enough to share with her cousin Berkley, however, Berkley thought Madalyn's finger tasted better than the cake did. Overall, we all had a great time and can't wait until she turns two so we have another excuse to celebrate. We were sad that Grandma and Grandpa Fairbanks and the rest of the Fairbanks family weren't able to come though. I guess we'll just have to do this all over again next weekend with them. :) No complaints here.

Happy Birthday Madalyn!

Madalyn's official first birthday is on Tuesday, the 26th, but we had a party for her on Saturday. All of Erik's family came along with Scott and Jacqueline and Jill and Brennen and their kids. Madalyn may have not been happy the whole time, but it was still a lot of fun. She got a lot of fun toys to play with and some "adorable" clothes. Madalyn's favorite gift was her glow worm. She takes it everywhere now. The rest of the kids loved the bubble blower she got. It was definitly a real hit.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Good and Protected

Erik worries a little about Madalyn hurting herself while walking around so he thought dressing her like this everyday would help. Just a little padding right?! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Madalyn is WALKING!

Madalyn has been taking a few steps here and there since late January, but didn't have the guts to really take off until last Sunday (Feb. 17th). As usual, we were a great distraction in Relief Society so I took her out to roam the halls. I put her down on her feet and she was off, made it an entire length of the church without falling. I wish I would have had my camera then because this cute little girl thought she was the stuff walking around all big. She couldn't get enough of it. So ever since then she's walking everywhere. Of course she still has spills now and then, mainly because she seems to have to always cary something with her as she walks. Apparantly walking isn't tough enough, so she increases the difficulty by carrying large objects with her. :)