Friday, March 7, 2008

Fun With Fairbanks Family

Grandma and Grandpa Fairbanks and Amanda were able to come visit this last weekend. Mainly to see Madalyn, but that's okay, she is the cutest out of all of us. :) Grandpa and Amanda only got to stay until Sunday (we wish they could have stayed longer) but Grandma got to stay the whole extra week with us. It has been so much fun. Madalyn and Grandma love playing with eachother and I LOVE having some extra hands around during the day. It really does make a difference. The only problem is Madalyn and I don't have as big a tolerance for shopping as Grandma would like us too.

We all went out to dinner at The Mayan and had a great time. It's a restaurant kind of like Casa Bonita (for all those Coloradoans)with the cliff divers and what not, but the food is ten times better here than at Casa Bonita. Madalyn loved playing with all the decorations in the lobby of the restaurant. The whole restaurant is designed as if you're in the jungle with tons of trees.