Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day -- TO ME!

I'd say this Mother's Day was pretty good. I worked on Saturday and when I got home Erik had dinner all ready on the table for us. Waffles with peanut butter and of my favorites! He said he knew Sunday would be busy so he wanted to do something for me that night. I walked in our bedroom to change and there was a huge present all neatly wrapped sitting on our bed. Those of you who know Erik, neatly and wrapped aren't things he does. :) He really wanted me to open it right then and there, but I told him I wanted to wait until Mother's Day to open it. I probably should have opened it then because Sunday got so busy that I didn't even get around to opening it until late Sunday night. Erik let me sleep in a little on Sunday, at least as much as I could. Ever since I started working I treasure my sleep--since I don't get much of it, but Madalyn wanted her Mommy up so I was up. We went to our church and then my cousins Brett and Kim Hornberger were both having their farewells and so we went to their ward and heard them speak...then had to go back to our ward so I could lead the music in Primary (that's my new calling in the ward..BLAH!) and then we went back over to the Hornberger's for dinner then had to leave early to go up to Erik's Mom's house for another dinner and to celebrate Mother's Day there and Max's birthday. Whew. We finally got home around 9 and Erik made me open my present before we even got in the house basically. He was really excited about it apparantly.

So here's what I got for "MOTHER"S DAY"...

YES, a punching bag!!!!! SUCH an Erik gift! :) Now funny thing is I've wanted a punching bag for awhile now and thought that it would be really fun, and a more productive way to release some of my energy instead of taking it all out on Erik, but I was never expecting it for Mother's Day. It's just not the typical Mother's Present I guess. But I love it nonetheless. Madalyn was even enjoying punching it and kicking it. The only problem was she coudln't lift it up. She was getting very frustrated in the fact that she couldn't drag it around the house. Poor thing. :)
Anyway, Erik was great to me this Mother's Day. He's an awesome husband and wonderful Dad. I'm so grateful he's been so supportive of me going back to work. I think Madalyn's starting to become a Daddy's girl now, I'm okay with that. In the long run I'll still be the favorite to our kids because Daddy won't share his ice cream with them but Mommy will. :)

I don't think I fully recognized everything my own Mom does for me and my family until I became a mother myself. Having a daughter of my own now, I understand what a huge part of my life she is and am amazed at the amount of love you can have for such a tiny little person. She's everything to me right now and it makes me feel so bad for all the things I put my mother through as a child...mostly teenager. I guess it takes having a child of your own to realize just how much they do care for you and worry about you when they're not with you. I think about Madalyn all the time when I'm at work and hope she's doing okay without me. Especially when she's with her Daddy, I know she's okay, but the fact that I'm not with her still makes me worry. And I'm guessing that feeling isn't going to go away anytime soon. Just wait until they're teenagers and always want to be away from mommy. :( That's what makes mothers so great. Their ability to love UNCONDITIONALLY! What would we do without them?
Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Obviously this picture was taken awhile ago. :)


MaryEllen said...

Can you believe that picture was a year ago - how time flys - and how your life has been changed with such a sweetheart in your home. You are right - chldren are the joy of your heart - even when times are trying, You can't really understand how much you love them until you have your own. And grandchlren are so precious. It's wonderful that love just multiplys with more people - not divides.
You're a great Mom! and daughter!
I love you all so very much