Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Madalyn had a lot of fun this year finding her easter eggs. She would find one and then walk around saying "Where is an egg? Ummm" and she'd put her pointer finger up to her face like she was thinking real hard where the eggs were hidden. It was real cute. Dad didn't want Madalyn to have all her candy at once, so he would take the candy and hide it right after she opened her egg. I think this will be the only easter that she will "willingly" give up her candy. Maybe next year we'll just put something different in the eggs so we won't have to fight her for it. :)

Madalyn loved her Easter Dress the most I think. She sure is a girl! Sorry Daddy. :)

The wonderful egg dying tradition. We tried a little "advanced" egg dying kit with glitter...and basically we should have just stuck with the basic colors. It didn't work all that great. Madalyn thought they were "very pretty" though.


Amy S said...

Madalyn is getting so big! She's so cute in her easter dress. I can't wait til Emi gets excited for stuff like easter egg hunts, opening presents, etc. :)

Jan Hornberger said...

cute pictures - we still need to come and meet Layna and see you Gma too!