Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cute Moments

The other day Madalyn found a bird stuck in our window well. She wouldn't leave it alone because she was so worried that it couldn't fly. I asked her what the bird was doing and she told me, "The birdie came to visit Madalyn." I then asked her what the bird's name was and she replied, "Birdie Freeman"! So cute! Later that afternoon she helped Daddy free the birdie. Although Madalyn was really excited to finally have the "birdie out", unfortunatly I think it must have been injured because it still didn't fly away even out of the window well.
Madalyn watched this Bird for hours...

Finally Daddy got home and "freed" the birdie...

Madalyn was eating a popsicle and I made her sit at the table and waer a bib and so when Erik went and got a popsicle also, of course Madalyn made him sit at the table and put a bib on also. :)
Good thing Daddy is a good sport!


Eliza said...

too cute!!! Madalyn is just growing up!!! and Erik sure is a good sport...the pink suits him well!