Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas in...

This year we spent Chrismas Eve and Christmas morning with Erik's family and then flew out Christmas night to Colorado to spend the rest of the week with my family.
I'm pretty sure Madalyn thought Christmas would never end because of how many times she got to open presents at different houses. For having both our families in different states, we were pretty lucky to be able to spend Christmas with both of them!
Here's all the Freeman grandkids on Christmas eve. Hey, we do the best we can right? No picture with lots of kids is perfect. :)

I love this picture! Layna sure loves her tongue.

The kids on Christmas morning. Although Layna was up early, Erik and I couldn't wait any longer and around 8:30 we woke Madalyn up. I'm sure one day we'll be wishing she would sleep in longer Christmas morning. :)

Amanda's "friend" Tucker sent these soccer jerseys from Argentina to Amanda and all the kids. Apparantly Layna wasn't all excited about them, I was though. Where was mine? :)

Christmas at my parent's "house" was a little different this say the least. They sold their house and so we spent one last night in it and then helped them move the next day. Until they find the home of their dreams they are staying in a condo and so we joined them there for the remainder of our break. Good thing is that it doesn't matter where we are, we still love spending time with my family!
Madalyn and Kambria had a lot of fun together. They both got princess dress-up clothes, which was a chore in itself everytime we had to take it off Madalyn. She would sleep, eat, bathe in that dress if we let her.
Here they are both looking in the mirror. SO cute!

Even Weston and Layna had fun playing together. I think Weston really enjoyed having someone younger then him around.

My little Layna, She thinks she is so big!
Look Mom! No hands!

We took the girls bowling. Minus a few dramatic episodes as to whose turn it was, the girls loved it. Sad to say that both of them actually got higher scores than some of the adults. Oops.