Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Erik turned 31 on Sunday. Quite the achievment huh?! 31 sure sounds old, but he says he doesn't feel that old at all. And well, besides the lack of hair growth on the head, I'd say I wouldn't think he was that old either. :) We celebrated on Saturday by first going frisbee golfing with some friends. With Madalyn we feel we don't do as much as we used to, and so getting outside and doing stuff we love was a lot of fun. Madalyn came with us also and she loved running around everywhere just as much as we did. However the course wasn't the most baby-friendly course. It was in a bunch of trees and seemed to have been a prior dumping spot. The course was covered with trash...like old metal and whatnot. Very bizarre. If only it was cleaned up a little bit it would be sweet. That night we had a BBQ at Phil's house for Erik's, Mark's, and Larissa's birthdays. That was fun to see everyone. Again, a child kind of limits your late night hang outs, so we don't get to see all our friends very often. At least the single ones, or couples without children yet. Sunday morning I made him a delicious breakfast consisting of french toast and our familie's favorite buttermilk syrup. That night we had dinner at Erik's mom's house with all his family. Ava wished it was her birthday the whole time, she's such a cutie. Somehow we need to get her to realize that she has more Aunts and Uncles than just Craig. It's hilarious, but Craig is her absolute favorite, and noone else comes even close. We didn't do anything extremely exciting, but that's what I love about Erik, he doesn't need huge to have a great birthday.