Thursday, December 4, 2008

Turkey Day!

This Thanksgiving was very relaxing. We ended up staying here in Utah the whole time and I didn't even have to work the whole weekend. It was great. Erik and I, thanks to our daughter, even slept in most of the mornings. That's what vacations are for right?! We spent Thanksgiving day at Erik's Mom's house. Their whole family was there except DJ and Kristeen. Gretchen and I decided that we need to add to Grandma Freeman's toy collection. These kids just don't stay entertained as long anymore and so the cats become their toys which leads to scratching and crying and no fun. We still can't believe that come next summer the grandkids running around at Grandma's house on Sundays will be double! Well, okay so three little ones one't necessarily be running around quite yet, but Grandma's house is going to start getting quite full. These are the three grandkids right now.
Max, Ava, and Madalyn.

Ava definitly has a Freeman thermostat in her, Gretchen says she's constantly complaining that she's hot...hence the tank top in winter. :)

The day after Thanksgiving we did one of my favorite things...set up our Christmas stuff and decorate the tree. If people wouldn't call me crazy I'd probably set up our stuff before Christmas. I love Christmas decorations and just Christmas season in general. The one thing I don't like thoough is cold weather. My opinion is if it's going to be cold outside there might as well be snow, otherwise what is the cold good for?! Absolutly NOTHING! We havn't had much of any snow yet here, which Erik is very grateful for in that he has to commute to work, but as for Madalyn and I, we're anxiously waiting for snow.
Madalyn was hilarious when we were setting up our Christmas stuff. She thought we were setting up a bunch of new toys all around the house for her. She quikcly found out the toys didn't play nice when she pulled the stocking holder down from the fireplace right on her little nose. She now has a little "booboo" as she calls it. The good thing is she hasn't messed with the stockings since. As for the tree, the bottom half is basically empty so Madalyn can't go to town with the ornaments, but she's found she likes to lay underneath the tree and play with all the lights. I'm okay with that. :) Thanks to Grandma Fairbanks she now has her own Little People Nativity Set that she CAN play with. Thanks Grandma, now us parents aren't SO mean.

This is Madalyn helping "clean" the tree. Apparantly she thought it was dirty.

Madalyn helping decorate the tree. She really wanted her purse on it for some reason.


Eliza said...

Looks like it is a fun time at your house! Christmas is such a great time! Glad to know Madalyn likes her nativity set!!! It is fun to watch the little girls "play" housewith them. Can't wait to see you guys!