Thursday, January 1, 2009

Early Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with our own family a little early because we were flying to Colorado for Christmas and didn't want to bring all our gifts with us on the plane. Madalyn is still young enough that she was okay with Santa coming least she didn't notice that he did. :)
Although Madalyn wanted to open every single present by herself, we had to help her a little or else we would have been there forever. She's so delicate with the wraping paper, it's hilarious.
These are our stockings before Santa came obviously. Erik is still learning about stockings with my family. Stockings has always been my favorite part of Christmas morning.

Madalyn apparantly likes stocking gifts as much as I do.

Her favorite gift from Mom and Dad was her new baby doll and play set. We got her it thinking it would help her get ready for a new baby in this house. Now we're just worried that she's going to want to put her new baby sister in her baby doll stroller and push her around the house. :)