Monday, February 9, 2009

Daddy's "Boo-Boo"!

Being the great husband he is, Erik was replacing all the doorknobs and dead bolts in our duplex since the people who put them in before were very lazy and didn't even make sure the doors shut probably. LOSERS! He had to chizle away part of the door in order for one to fit and leave it to Erik and the month of February (Every February Erik ends up with a trip to the hospital...broken hand, broken back, birth of Madalyn:)...he chizles his thumb instead. It was deep enough to see the bone so a trip to the InstaCare and Erik returns with three stiches. I'll take that trip to the hospital over a broken back any day! It was really cute because Madalyn has been so worried about his "boo boo" ever since. Does she have her mother's nursing jeans?