Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Madalyn!

We celebrated Madalyn's 2nd birthday the other night. We were lucky to have all family members from both sides there except Bryan and Eliza and their family. Madalyn would have loved to have Kambria there I'm sure! Carter and Berkley were also able to join in the fun with us. Of course Madalyn wanted to open her presents the second they walked in the door. We were able to hold off on most of them, except the ones that Max started opening the second he walked in the door. Like every little kid, Madalyn ended up doing very well this birthday.

In our intentions of throwing a great party for Madalyn we included a pinata on the agenda. How can you go wrong with a pinata? Apparantly we did...for some reason the pinata made all the kids cry. And not because they were fighting over who got to hit it, but no one wanted to hit it. WHAT?! Madalyn and Berkley were the only two who really wanted to hit it. And although they may have been the bravest there...they don't exactly have the strength to do much damage. EVENTUALLY.....the pinata broke and all was well with the kids.

And finally the cake! Every kids favorite part! Being the princess that our daughter is, Madalyn wouldn't eat her cupcake with her hands. Instead she just stuck her head down into her cupcake and ate with no hands. Whatever! :) As long as she enjoyed it that's all that counts.


Eliza said...

Glad she had a great time! Wish we could have been there...sorry to be the party poopers...but at least we watched meeko for you!:o) so we were there in spirit...