Friday, April 23, 2010

Sister...such a LOVE/HATE relationship!

Although right now we feel the "hate" moments are more often than the "love" ones, we're hoping one day it will be the other way around. If we could only get our 3 year old to share better, we could very well be on our way!
Deep down out girls really love eachother, and here are a few moments to prove it.

This is one of their favorite games.

"Peekabo, I found you!"

Don't ask, we didn't. :)

Cute PJs from Grandma. Either Madalyn is trying to help Layna dance, or help bring her to the floor. Hopefully the first.

What would I have done if Layna was a boy? These cute matching outfits wouldn't have been so cute then.


Amy S said...

Your girls are adorable. I love the matching outfits!