Saturday, April 17, 2010

Madalyn Turns 3!

Although it was months's never too late to make a late-entry right?! Madalyn turned 3 in February. Her birthday, well like all birthdays we throw here turned out BAD! The party itself, not so bad...the couple days/week after..HORRIBLE! Layna had gotten sick the night before her party, but didn't think it would be much of anything contagious, well by Sunday night/Monday morning maybe 3/4th of people there were sick throwing up and yucky diarrhea! WHooeeeeh! We passed it around everyone in our house for about a week, never in my life have I done so much laundry and been grossed out so many times. I don't think we had truely experienced parenthood until that whole experience. :)
Anyway, Madalyn had a lot of fun and we are glad the pinata was a little better hit this year than last!

I had a lot of fun making Madalyn's cake. Can you tell her birthday is near Valentines? :)

Madalyn loved her vanity from Grandma Freeman...I'm afraid she is very much a girlie girl.

This was us three sister-in-laws last year at Madalyn's birthday. Gotta love pregnancy!

And this was the three of us this year at Madalyn's birthday. Smaller bellies...bigger babies!!!