Friday, June 20, 2008

Madalyn Marie Freeman!

Picture me saying her name with some sternness...and saying it A LOT! That's all I've seemed to be doing lately. Madalyn is still the biggest sweetheart, but she is getting a little more personality...or maybe an "attitude". :) NO! She's been saying quite a few words for a while now, but just lately she has found that her two favorite words are "NO" and "MINE". Not my little sweetheart I know. She's also started this screaming thing, well more like grawling, when she gets upset and she shakes her fists real hard. It is actually quite funny though and it's hard for Erik and I to not laugh as she does it. She's still cuter than ever though. She is becoming quite the good helper also. I just need to get her some utensils her own size so her help can be a little more productive.

Madalyn still loves playing IN....


and with anything.

Since all the flowers are out now, Madalyn has found she loves to smell them. She'll rip them out of the ground too if that's what it takes.

Mommy was so proud the other day because I was able to get all of Madalyn's hair up in pigtails! YES! That is quite the accomplishment.


MaryEllen said...

Thewe are such cute pictures! I love the queen of the laundry basket. I can't believe her hair is that long - How cute!!

As far as attitude goes - this little sweetheart couldn't say anything that wasn't absolutely adorable. Being a grandparent is wo wonderful!!!

Love you guys,