Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July Weekend!

My whole family came to visit for the holiday weekend. Bryan and Eliza were even able to come as they just returned from Chicago the week before. Unfortunatly, Scott and Jacqueline went to Texas for the weekend, so they missed out on all the fun with us. :( It was great to have them here. We had a lot of fun. On the 4th we had a BBQ at Erik's Mom's house. It was fun to see all the kids play together. The biggest hit was Grandma's coffee table in the living room. They all thought it was so much fun to jump off it.

Grandma with her two little granddaughters

Before going to see fireworks we let the girls run through the sprinklers. Although this picture doesn't look like they're having fun. They really did, this was just a brief moment of confusion. :) I really liked the picture though.

That night we went up to Rock Canyon Park to watch the fireworks. We decided they would be a lot cooler to watch from inside the stadium, but it was still fun. And thanks to Meeko, our dog, we collected a few more kids throughout the night. Here's us having some fun while waiting for the fireworks to start.

Can't you tell we all loved getting our picture taken then!

HOW CUTE!!! Despite the occasional fighting, these girls really do love eachother.

Saturday was a fun-filled day. We started our morning off with a nice run up the canyon. That's one of my favorite things to do in up the's so pretty up there and nothing feels better then the feeling after you've gone running. We then took the kids swimming at Scera pool. Bryan and Eliza didn't come. I guess being 8 months pregnant and sitting in the hot hot sun didn't sound all that exciting to Eliza. :) I don't blame her. The girls had a lot of fun. And the slide was by far the greatest hit!

We then took everyone and went up the canyon, built a fire and roasted hot dogs and smores. Although the hot dogs and smores were delicious, the hot fire didn't help cool us down one bit. :) The two girls were so cute, we set them next to eachother in their strollers and let them eat there. Keeping them contained didn't last long though.

Both Madalyn and Kambria found the sand in the volleyball pits. They had a lot of fun in it, but once they found the fountain and then went back to the sand, that's when things got messy. :) Don't we all wish everything was as exciting to us as it is to little kids?!

Overall we had a really fun time. Erik and I love it when my family comes. We always have a great time. We can't wait until we all go to California in August. And of course the little girls love their grandparents.

I guess you could say they love their Aunt Amanda also:)