Monday, September 14, 2009


It has been an ALL summer project getting our yard in, and well it won't be for many many years I believe until it is at the point I envision it, but at least we now have grass. At the beginning of the summer Erik decided he wanted to do the sprinklers himself so he could learn how to do them, I agreed as long as they were done by July 4th. HA! We weren't even close.
This is Erik diggin the wouldn't think but Erik was terrified of this machine. He kept picturing hitting some electrical or water line or that the thing would just take off and dig right through our house. :)

It was really hard to keep Madalyn out of the trenches and out of the mud and dirt. Let's just say she had multiple baths a day for quite awhile.

After ALL summer the sprinklers were finally done. What a job! Let's hope we never have to do that again. Then came the top soil...this was a job that definitly seemed easier than it actually was.

Madalyn especially had fun helping with this. She even got her shovel out and helped put dirt in the wheelbarrow. However that only lasted until she found how fun it was to climb all over the dirt mounds instead. :)

The next and most exciting step...SOD laying. We had the sod delivered on a Friday evening and within a couple hours after it being in our yard, a bunch of our neighbors were over ready to help. It was AWESOME! We were planning on just getting a head start Friday night and then doing most of the work on Saturday when my Dad and some other people could be here to help, but with all the help that came we were completly done by that night. It was amazing. We have an awesome neighborhood that is for sure! Thanks everyone!


Leslie Bennett said...

Looks great, congrats!

Eliza said...

Bryan again...I want to see your finished product! Where are the pictures?