Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas at the Fairbanks'

We spent about two weeks in Fort Collins at my family's house this Christmas. It was very nice to be able to have so much time off. I love Christmas at my house! And I'm very lucky that my husband enjoys being at my family's house also, or else it would have been a horrible couple weeks for him. The only down side was Fort Collins got a total of NO snow while we were there. There were even a couple days that got into the 60s. WHAT?! Crazy huh. Definitly not typical December whether in Colorado.
Even though much of the time when Kambria and Madalyn are playing is spent being policemen, I believe they really do like playing with eachother. Especially when it gets close to their bedtime. Funny, but they got along better at that time then any other. We've only been home a day now and Madalyn already asks where Kambria is.
One of their favorite things to do was "rock" eachother in baby Weston's chair. It was hilarious comparing the difference in how each of them rocked eachother. Madalyn, on the hand, gently rocked Kambria while Kambria pushed that thing up and down so fast.

We spent one night at Bryan and Eliza's new place, had dinner and decorated sugar cookies. Kambria and Madlayn even had their own table...Madalyn really is happy in this picture, I swear! :)

We took one night and acted out the Nativity with the whole family and Jacqueline's mom. We had a couple of uncooperative cast members, namely the little ones, and so Mary and Joseph, which was played by Erik and I magically had a 2 year old little girl while in the stable with baby Jesus. :) As we've found out though from our infamous Nativity Scene of about 15 years ago, the disfunctional ones are the funniest.

Madalyn found a new hobby at Grandma's house...PLAYDOH! She loves making birthday cakes and then blowing out the candles.

Christmas Eve we tried to watch the Polar Express 3D, but either people couldn't see the 3D or else the glasses gave them a headache. Otherwise it was "pretty cool" :) Or at least we all looked real cool in our glasses.

Madalyn's favorite gift Christmas morning was the one from Grandma and Grandpa...a new DOLLHOUSE!! She loves it!