Thursday, January 1, 2009

Trip to Colorado

Our trip to Colorado for Christmas was quite the adventure. We were supposed to leave Friday night, but ALL day Friday it decided to snow!!! Wonderful! Erik got out of school early and started driving home when he called us saying it had taken him over an hour to get to Lehi from his school in Salt Lake so Amanda, Madalyn, and I decided to start driving and we'd just meet him in Salt Lake. After a couple hours of driving no more than 15 miles an hour we arrive at the airport, check in...flight still on time. All right! Make it through security, arrive at our gate to find that our flight had been cancelled. SWEET! Apparantly the plane we were supposed to fly on wasn't coming to Salt Lake anymore due to storms other places and so out of the 4 or 5 flights going to Denver that night...ours got cancelled. We stuck around for a few hours to see if we could get on standby and NOTHING! Instead of sleeping in the airport, with a two year old we figured it wouldn't be the best thing, we decided to go to the airport hotels and spend the night so we could try and get an early flight out in the morning.
We get to the hotel, get a room, and continue on our journey to find it. After searching what felt like EVERYWHERE we decide they gave us a room that doesn't even exist. Could our luck be any better? :) Finally we find that our room is in the high rise located, no joke, about a mile towards the back of the hotel. To top it off we chose the one hotel, out of all the airport hotels, that doesn't offer a complimentary breakfast. And we were already starving when we got there at night. Amanda and I finally found a vending machine that curbed our appetite for the time being, or at least made us feel yucky enough that we didn't want to eat.
So this is Amanda and Madalyn making eachother comfortable in bed and chowing down on good quality vending food.

Madalyn just slept in the bed with Erik and I, and although it took her awhile to fall asleep I think once she did she slept pretty well. At least she had the room she morning she had kicked me out of bed and made Erik move all the way to the bottom. This is how we found her that morning.

We got up early and went to the airport in hopes that we could go standby on an early flight. There was a 1000 flight that they could put us on standby...until they found that they had no record that we had checked any bags, when we each had checked one. So the flight guy didn't want to put us on standby when he didn't know where our luggage was, and plus the flight was already overbooked. Wonderful. So a couple minutes before the flight they decide to let us on in hopes that our bags are already in Denver...and because a connecting flight wasn't going to make it on time so some seats opened.
Finally we make it to Denver just hoping that we might have some luggage there or at least be able to find out where it is. We walk around to baggage claim and much to our surprise find all three of our bags just sitting there waiting for us. It was AWESOME! It was the perfect ending to such an unlucky trip. In the end I emptied about 20 or so boarding tickets that we collected throughout our trip. I believe Amanda has now officially decided that she hates flying. It could have been worse though.