Thursday, January 1, 2009

Madalyn, Madalyn, more Madalyn!

Here are a few pics of Madalyn in one of her Christmas dresses. We think she's adorable. :)


Eliza said...

Way cute pics Lisa! I will have to steal some of these seeing that I could not EVER get madalyn to look at the camera! We had a fun time, and I agree that I DO think Kambria and Madalyn like to play together...they just need a little help once in a while ;o)

Southcott said...

oh my gosh i totally didnt know that you had a little girl> this is sarah cox by the way. how is life treating you? where are you at? we are still in good ole rexburg, we both are finished school so now we are just trying to find jobs and such. tell your family hi for me.